HotAir, MEMRI, Jihad Watch blocked by the Feds?

Hello. Robert Spencer here from Jihad Watch. Several days ago I received this email:

I wanted to drop a line about the inability to access JihadWatch at work. I work for the Fed Gov. Three weeks ago, Memri was blocked. Two weeks ago HotAir, which I used to look at on my lunch break for your updates, was blocked. As of Friday,June 29th, JihadWatch was blocked. I can however, visit CAIR, read anything about Islam, and even get the Arab news. The censors I deal with are from the Dallas area. It is very easy to see that this censor is not operating according to the proper rules of access. They are operating by their political beliefs (or hopes.) It is unfortunate that these people block the very information that we need in these times….

Also, all this week I have gotten emails telling me that Jihad Watch has suddenly been blocked in all sorts of places: Fidelity Investments, JPMorgan Chase, even the City of Chicago. Word is that Jihad Watch and other sites have suddenly been labeled as purveying “hate speech.”

This is a tried and true tactic of the Left: intellectually bankrupt as it is, it silences its critics rather than dealing with them on the level of ideas. They can’t answer us, so they try to shut us up and discredit us. Leftists, as well as apologists for Islamic jihad terrorism, label their opponents “hatemongers” and “bigots,” hoping thereby to make people of good will turn away from their message. And the politicized nature of this Internet censorship will come as a surprise to no one.

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In reality, Jihad Watch is dedicated to the defense of human rights for all people against those who would impose Islamic law, with its institutionalized discrimination against women and religious minorities, over both Muslim and non-Muslim societies. There is no “hatred” in this, except when we report the words of hatred and supremacism of the Islamic jihadists. We are trying to raise awareness of the nature, extent, and goals of the global jihad, which threatens everyone who loves and cherishes freedom and the equality of rights of all people before the law.

And so, we are going to fight this, as best we can, and I am sure MEMRI and HotAir are also. Today I am going to contact every organization that, according to emails I have received, has banned Jihad Watch, and urge them to remove the ban. Wherever you are working today, if you get a chance please take a moment to check if you still have access to conservative sites — and if you don’t, lodge a respectful but firm protest. Let us not take lying down being vilified and silenced, when we are telling the truth.

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