House GOP RINO’s Fighting Against Conservative Agenda

This makes perfect sense if you are a GOP kool-aid drinker. Get crushed in 2006, suffering devastating losses, lose the majority in the House and Senate in the same year due to big Government, over spending and scandals, and then refuse to adopt the necessary Conservative platform to fix the problem:

Moderate House Republicans are pushing back against efforts to march the GOP Conference in a conservative direction for this fall’s campaign season.

The centrists are reluctant to build their campaigns around a promise to stop earmarking funds for local projects or a call for an extreme makeover of the tax code. Those are the priorities of the House GOP’s conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC).

Some moderate Republicans plan to meet Tuesday with John A. Boehner , R-Ohio, to urge the minority leader not to issue edicts that might undermine moderates’ ability to vote in sync with prevailing sentiment in their districts.

An aide to one Republican lawmaker said the moderates want Boehner and the party to focus on gasoline price increases rather than on earmarks, a proposal for a two-tier flat tax or a proposed constitutional amendment to curb the growth of federal spending — all of which are being pushed by the RSC and are embraced by Boehner’s leadership team.

“Conservatives want to build a stronger brand for the party. But some moderates feel they each already have their own brand,” said one senior GOP aide.

Conservatives have argued for a sharper, more conservative agenda, and have pushed for votes in the conference to put members on record on issues including a mandatory earmark moratorium for House Republicans. {Source: CQ Politics}

Very sad to read. They didn’t learn their lesson in 2006, so they are bound and determined to repeat the performance in 2008. While some Conservatives were indeed defeated in 2006, the Main Street Partnership and other moderate-left leaning GOP organizations suffered huge losses to their roster.

The RSC should be the model to return the GOP in the House back to the majority.

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