How Can Even Liberals Buy This Sort Of Nonsense About Iraq?

Paul Craig Roberts, whose main claim to fame is being an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, who later became ultra liberal and ultra insane, has written a completely crackers column about Iraq for Counterpunch. Just read these excerpts,

“…(T)he American sheeple have accepted a succession of transparent lies: weapons of mass destruction, al Qaeda connections and complicity in the 9/11 attack, overthrowing a dictator and “bringing democracy” to Iraqis.

…The fact is that Bush invaded Iraq with the intent of turning Iraq into an American colony. The so-called government of al-Maliki is not a government. Maliki is the well paid front man for US colonial rule. Maliki’s government does not exist outside the protected Green Zone, the headquarters of the American occupation.

…The more likely explanation for the US invasion of Iraq is the neoconservative Bush Regime’s commitment to the defense of Israeli territorial expansion. There is no such thing as a neoconservative who is not allied with Israel. Israel hopes to steal all of the West Bank and southern Lebanon for its territorial expansion. An American colonial regime in Iraq not only buttresses Israel from attack, but also can pressure Syria and Iran from giving support to the Palestinians and Lebanese. The Iraqi war is a war for Israeli territorial expansion. Americans are dying and bleeding to death financially for Israel. Bush’s “war on terror” is a hoax that serves to cover US intervention in the Middle East in behalf of “greater Israel.”

You know what the saddest thing about the American Left is? They hate Bush so much and are so desperate to lose the war in Iraq because they think it will help them politically, that they will swallow the sort of nonsense Roberts writes wholesale.

Hell, Roberts could have written that Bush let the Jews carry out the 9/11 attacks on purpose so he could make a mint selling Iraqi sand on the open market and it wouldn’t have even make a liberal blogger bat an eye.

The only things they care about are: is Bush a bad guy? Check. Do we have to lose the war in Iraq no matter what the circumstances are? Check. Is America the bad guy? Check. Check all the boxes and just about anything that doesn’t involve space aliens or crab people that a lefty says about Iraq will get most liberals nodding their heads like bobblehead dolls.

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