“How Do We Beat The B*tch?”

John McCain has been criticized, mainly by some twit from CNN and a bunch of liberal bloggers who could drop 5 f-bombs in a 100 word review of a Kindergarten Christmas pageant, for his nonchalant response to an audience member’s harsh, but accurate characterization of Hillary Clinton as a b*tch,

John McCain, who is drawing criticism for not challenging a South Carolina voter’s vulgar reference to Hillary Clinton, issued a letter accusing CNN of having “stooped to an all-time low” in trumpeting the incident.

On Monday night, when a woman at a town hall asked how Republicans could beat Clinton–calling her a word that rhymes with witch–McCain smiled as the crowd laughed and said it was an “excellent question.” After citing a poll showing him beating her in a general-election matchup, the Arizona senator said: “I respect Senator Clinton. I respect anyone who gets the nomination of the Democrat Party.”

Anchor Rick Sanchez led off his “Out in the Open” show with the video, saying: “This could be real bad for John McCain….No matter what you think of Hillary Clinton, is John McCain done as a result of this?….I think he could be in trouble for this from women.”

Campaign manager Rick Davis, in a fundraising letter, charged the “Clinton News Network” with “gratuitously attacking” McCain. He said CNN “owes John McCain an apology because of the outrageous behavior” of Sanchez, and that “the liberal media” are “trying to stop the McCain comeback.”

Although McCain made no effort to rebuke the questioner, CNN may have overdramatized the incident. But there is a note of irony in McCain, a media darling during the 2000 race, now accusing journalists of trying to derail his campaign.

Should the questioner have called Hillary a b*tch? No, because that’s rude. Should McCain have told her that she shouldn’t use that kind of language? Yes.

So, “is John McCain done as a result of this?” No, it doesn’t even register as a 1 out of 10 on the political scandal scale — although it would be amusing if it did. It would be the Clinton version of Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a “f*g.” In other words, people would debate it for a week and the general conclusion would be yes, Hillary Clinton is an enormous b*tch, but it’s rude to call her that.

PS: What’s worse? Calling Hillary a b*tch, which again, I don’t condone, in part because it’s rude and in part because she’ll try to turn it around and use it to benefit her political campaign, or accusing Bush of being another Hitler who is behind the World Trade Center attacks? If you ask me, Hillary is getting off light in comparison.

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