How Do You Blame Bush For The Massacre At Va. Tech? Never Fear, The HuffPo Will Lead The Way!

Yesterday, Joseph Palermo over at the Huffington Post was trying to tie the shootings at Virginia Tech into Bush via the war in Iraq,

“Also, if David Brooks and the Rightwing can blame video games and the violent movies coming out of Hollywood for the school shootings, then I think it is also fair to place some of the blame on our political leaders who called for us to invade and occupy Iraq. The bloodbath and carnage daily reported out of Iraq, as well as our young people going in and out of that death trap, provide the background noise for the violence that pervades our society.”

But Andrew Foster Altschul over at the HuffPo has now one upped him,

“But just when you think he can’t go any lower, President Bush always finds a way to outdo himself. Today, in the wake of the incomprehensible slaughter of thirty-three students at Virginia Tech, the president sent out his spokeswoman to – first and foremost – defend the killer.

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“The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms,” said Perino, in the first White House response, adding the utterly meaningless “but that all laws must be followed,” thus nipping in the bud any crazy attempt to use this incident to have a discussion about gun rights in the United States.”

Meanwhile, over at the Democratic Underground, some of them are actually upset because W. & Laura Bush are going to, “Tuesday’s convocation at Virginia Tech to remember those affected by the deadliest campus violence ever in this country.”

wakeme2008: :grr:. Security and traffic jams all because *sshole wants a photo op :grr:

tanyev: As if they don’t have enough to deal with right now.

marylanddem: Outrageous. He is such a f*cking narcissist, any opportunity to inject himself into the public eye – My God.

Lastlaughin08: Just what we need – more media and disruption in an already tragic time

donco6: It’s Bush’s 2007 “stand on the rubble with a bullhorn” moment. Ugh.

Of course, if Bush didn’t go, we’d be treated to days of, “Bush doesn’t care about the Hokies” from the press.

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