How Far Are The Open Borders Republicans Willing To Go?

There were two quotes that really stood out in an article about Karl Rove’s visit to the National Council of La Raza’s annual conference:

“In a lunchtime talk at the National Council of La Raza’s annual conference, the Republican advisor outlined Bush’s plan for stronger border security, workplace enforcement, a guest worker program and earned legalization for undocumented immigrants.

“He understands immigration is a positive force in this country … vital to keep this country going,” Rove said, prompting applause from the crowd of a few thousand.

But he drew scattered boos when he highlighted Bush’s recent approval of $1.9 billion in funding for more border security, including deployment of National Guard troops, and was disrupted twice by hecklers who unfurled antiwar and anti-Bush banners.”

Yes, folks, Karl Rove was actually booed for talking about improving border security. Then there’s this section of the article which talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign:

“Hours after Schwarzenegger’s appearance with Latino supporters, the state’s highest-ranking Latino Republican, Sen. Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria, questioned the governor’s loyalty to Latinos.

“Our governor cares about one thing only, and that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Maldonado said in a telephone interview requested by his staff.

Maldonado, who lost the Republican primary for state controller last month, said he was disappointed that the governor declined to support his candidacy.

At Schwarzenegger’s request, Maldonado had sponsored a bill to raise the minimum wage, a move that irked conservatives in the primary. “I kind of felt like I got left holding the bag,” Maldonado said.

The senator also said many Latinos thought Schwarzenegger had shown “a lack of respect” with the Latino community by spending too little time in Mexico. Schwarzenegger has visited Mexico twice as governor and plans to visit again before the election.

“When he needs Latinos, Latinos are always there for him,” Maldonado said. “When Latinos need him, the answer’s been no.”

You know what really jumped out at me besides the fact that this guy is obviously a bitter hack who is taking shots at Arnold because he didn’t support him in the primary? It’s that this guy defines respecting American Latinos as visiting Mexico over and over. Visiting Mexico?

All the people advocating the Wall Street Journal/John McCain/George Bush approach to illegal immigration should really think about where the Republican Party and the country is going to end up if we continue to go down this road and try to keep people like the National Council of La Raza and Abel Maldonado happy.

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