How The Impeachment Will Go Down

The Democrats are just dying to impeach George Bush for something, anything; it doesn’t really matter what it is. Moreover, the Democratic base, much of which is in the final throes of Bush Derangement Syndrome, will absolutely DEMAND that the Democrats in Congress try to impeach Bush no matter what the chances of success or the consequences.

But, you may be thinking, how can the Democrats possibly try to impeach Bush after John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean have all said that it’s not happening.


The Dems have already said that they’re going to investigate everything under the sun. What they’ll do is claim that some new evidence that they’ve found justifies impeachment and then Conyers, Pelosi, and Dean will say, “Well, we didn’t INTEND to impeach Bush, but after this shocking new evidence came to light, we had no choice but to change our minds.”

But, what’s the “shocking” new evidence? It really doesn’t matter. The Democrats are determined to try to impeach Bush and they’ll simply investigate until they find something that they can claim merits impeachment charges. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean there will be anything to it. I’ve seen liberals claiming that Bush should be impeached for everything from the Downing Street Memos, to how he handled Hurricane Katrina, to “rigging” the elections. In other words, they’ve determined that George Bush is to be impeached during the next two years and any “why” they think they can get to stick will be acceptable as a reason.

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