How To Be A Woman By Right Thinking Girl

* Do not nag him. He doesn’t need to hear your whiney little voice complaining about something he doesn’t want to change. Just sssshhh!

* Have a life. The second you start to miss yoga classes because of him, he’s got you, and you absolutely must not let him think he has you until he asks you to marry him. Men really are motivated by the chase.

* Dress like a girl. They like us because we’re girls, not miniature boys. Skirts are so popular in spring and summer for a reason. Not only are they much cooler than pants, it gives boys ideas. They imagine that the easier access means something.

* Don’t fall into the habit of wearing sweats and a t-shirt around the house. It can be cute but if it’s all he sees you in, he’s going to start looking at the Hooters girls a little too carefully.

* Never, ever talk badly about your man. Whatever fight you had, it’s between you two. Don’t tell your girlfriends, your boss, or God forbid, your mother.

* Don’t embarrass him in front of his friends. There’s a social order to everything and if you bitch at him in front of his friends, it emasculates him. Treat him like the prince he is, even if you’re seething with rage.

* Expect him to be kind, generous, loving, gentle and sweet, but don’t expect him to be happy about running your errands every day for a month. In other words, don’t take advantage of men’s naturally generous natures.

* Men don’t like complainers, especially if there is nothing to be done about it. Guys want to help, and if you give him a problem he can’t solve (ie, you have blisters and there’s no bandaids and you refuse to take off your shoes) it makes him feel like a failure.

* PMS is not an excuse to be mean to him. Don’t be short with him or be rude. Nicely tell him you feel bad and you’re much more likely to get what you need.

* Don’t dress like a hooker, unless he likes it.

* Work out. They like our bods for a reason. Give them lots of reasons.

* Don’t give up your life. He likes you because you’re interesting, so stay interesting. It’s tempting, especially in the early days of a new relationship, to blow off your friends and your other social obligations, but in the long run that could be disasterous. You need outside stimulation. Kiss him, tell him you’ll see him in a few hours, and leave.

* Seduce him. Often. He’ll feel awesome and that can only be good for both of you.

* Do not be a strident, anti-man voice screeching at him that he’s oppressing you. Men don’t like women who don’t like them. They also don’t like seeing their babies aborted but most of them are so terrified of the whole thing, they go along with it to keep you happy. Their fears are justified, but they need to stand up for themselves.

* Let him drive.

* Let him lead. Not all the time, but most of the time. Especially if it’s somebody you respect, whose life you admire.

* Expect the very best. More often than not, the guy will respond with exactly that.

This content was used with the permission of Right Thinking Girl.

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