How To Feel American: Take Me Out To The Ballpark

So today, I had the pleasure of seeing the Astros lose at the gorgeous Minutemaid Park. It was a pleasure, too. The company, two of my sweet cherubs (have I mentioned that I’m a breeder?) and the mad blogging Floridian Cassy Fiano escorted by her conservative, buff, national guardsman and even better, Texan boyfriend, made the day. The game, meh.

The best part? Hearing the packed stadium sing America the Beautiful during the Seventh Inning stretch. Wait, the other best part? Seeing a marine throw out the first pitch and receive a standing ovation. This man, this patriot, who had sacrificed so much–he lost his legs from the knees down–displayed child-like joy and sincere delight at receiving the signed ball, and the adoration of the crowd. Oh man, there was another best part! A commander in Iraq gave a speech relaying the successes and ended with an enthusiastic, “Go Astros!” The crowd ate up his words. And then there was the soldier who sang the National Anthem with a flag the size of a basketball court in the middle of the field. Beautiful! And get this: hot dogs were $1 today.

I love America.

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