Howard Dean’s Deceptive Take On The Kelo Decision

“(Dean) also said the president was partly responsible for a recent Supreme Court decision involving eminent domain.

“The president and his right-wing Supreme Court think it is ‘okay’ to have the government take your house if they feel like putting a hotel where your house is,” Dean said, not mentioning that until he nominated John Roberts to the Supreme Court this week, Bush had not appointed anyone to the high court.

Dean’s reference to the “right-wing” court was also erroneous. The four justices who dissented in the Kelo vs. New London case included the three most conservative members of the court – Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Associate Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was the fourth dissenter.

The court’s liberal coalition of Justices John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer combined with Justice Anthony Kennedy to form the majority opinion, allowing the city of New London, Conn., to use eminent domain to seize private properties for commercial development.” — CNSNews

It’s as if Howard Dean has internalized the worst traits of Bill Clinton and John Kerry. At this point, he’ll say absolutely anything he thinks might sway a few voters. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true, it’s false, whether it means he tells different crowds completely different things, it’s all the same.

You hate abortion? Good, Democrats hate abortion, too. They absolutely hate it…well, unless they’re voting, then they love it! You angry about the Supreme Court allowing local governments to take your house? That’s exactly how Dean feels, too…well, unless you know that all the liberal justices voted for it and then it’s almost as if God has spoken.” You have a Confederate flag in your pick-up truck? Then Dean wants to be your guy! You think people with Confederate flags are redneck, racist hicks? That’s what Mad How believes, too! What about religion in politics? Aren’t you sick of that? So is Howard Dean….unless you’re a Christian, in which case he’ll quote you a Bible verse.

The Democrats should cut to the chase: replace the donkey with a wishing well. Then they could officially claim to support every position that anybody has, anywhere in America. That would save the Dems a lot of time and a lot of embarrassing Howard Dean speeches…

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