Howdy Y’all

I never say “howdy y’all” in real life. Just thought you should know that. I’m a Michigan girl transplanted to Texas. “Howdy ya’ll” is fun to hear from a Texan, not so fun from a mid-westerner, but it is fun to write. So howdy y’all.

I’ll be blogging here and participating in Hawkins’ grand experiment. I will still be cross-posting at my own blog Dr. Melissa Clouthier. There will be some content there, that just doesn’t seem right for here. For example, I spent the last hour writing on medical mistakes, was all set to put it up here and realized that John didn’t have a category for it indicating that it probably wasn’t something that you people would give a Panda’s poop about. Ooops! So, I’m still feeling it out.

Here is something you might like, though. Yesterday was Armed Forces Day and so I wrote about the unfortunate predicament fighter pilots found themselves in when nature calls. A new and very expensive device is being used for just such situations. A reader hooked me up with an actual fighter pilot’s experiences with Piddle Packs and it’s an excellent way to start the week, because you’ll be peeing in your pants ‘cuz you’re laughing so hard.

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