Hypocrisy or Decency? The Left’s Dirty Little Secret By Matt Sanchez

In case you haven’t heard, another gay sex scandal has hit the news cycle as Washington state Representative, Republican Richard Curtis, announced his resignation after the details of his sexual encounter with a male escort were aired.

During a segment on MSNBC, Dan Abrams, accused the representative of “hypocrisy” for voting against “legislation for gay rights.” Of course, we heard the same whining after the Senator Larry Craig and Mark Foley incidents.

With so many liberals crying hypocrisy, it’s obvious the charge has much less to do with reason than it does with desperation.

Cody Castagna, a self-described male-escort and pornstar, claimed Washington Representative Rick Curtis was a sexual “freak”. Abrams warned the encounter between the legislator and the callboy could not be described on TV, “but let’s just say it involved lingerie, rope and a stethoscope.”

Another segment commentator, Laura Flanders, a British born mouth-piece for Air America–yes, apparently they still are on the air–accused Representative Curtis and closeted Republicans of being “chickens” for not standing up for “who they are.”

“Being chicken that disqualifies you from holding office,” said Flanders, so proud that someone was actually listening to what she had to say.

For this liberal loon, Larry Craig’s bathroom tap dance, Mark Foley’s love texts to teenage interns and Representative Curtis’ fetish for female nightwear is “who they are” and therefore these legislators should vote for “gay rights” or else they’re hypocrites.

Let’s stop and consider how ridiculous this statement is.

When a chain smoker afflicted with cancer votes for anti-smoking legislation, he probably has good reason for at least attempting to shield the public from what he is already suffering. Why would Foley, Craig or the latest, Curtis, be so proud of their wayward behavior that they would want to pass legislation to validate it? Were these men showing hypocrisy and denial or just insight and concern?

On television, radio, print and now even in the public schools, the purveyors of perversion have forced sexual issues onto prime time airwaves like raw sewage into a city water reserve–completely bypassing the filters and waste treatment plant. Things that have always existed, bondage, sadism, public and group sex have steadily become matters for public consumption. It gets to the point were it all seems, common, normal and harmless.

My generation of Americans are numb to the “freak factor”. Experts agree that kids who have been sexually abused are more promiscuous and often have an unhealthy sexual relationship. The sexual revolution, as exemplified through the gay agenda, has been molesting the American public for nearly three decades.

During the whole Abrams piece no one, besides old-school conservative, Pat Buchanan, even questioned if hiring a self-described male-escort for sex or cheating on one’s wife was shameful.

For liberals, sex in public bathrooms and inter-office relations with interns is just being open and honest. Freak sex behavior is fine, as long as you tow the homosexual party line for the Eldorado of legitimacy: Marriage.

“When you’re trying to tell people how to live their lives you’d better be sure you’re walking the straight line.” Warned Laura Flanders, who probably would be tolerant if her husband had been caught having sex in her black sequin dress. After all, no one is perfect.

And here is what is at the core of the syphilitic liberal brain.

Conservatives realize human beings are imperfect, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing the right thing. Of course, the term “right thing” leaves liberals confused and wondering if this is discrimination against those who can only use their left hand.

Most Americans have a sense of fairness about personal preferences, and this extends to sexual preference. The libertarian branch of conservatism considers sexuality a private matter intimately linked to the pursuit of happiness, or as liberals call it “Girls gone Wild, without the guilt trip.”

“As long as you’re not hurting anyone and it’s between two consenting adults, the government should have no say in the matter,” is what many people on both the right and left will say, but this gesture of civility is wasted on a pick-and-choose tolerance driven campaign for radical social change.

The dirty little secret is that the gay lifestyle is marginal and most Americans know it.

Go to San Francisco, the Mecca of the gay rights movement and you’ll find a city where public sex is not only common, but encouraged by a city council that when convened, looks like stand-ins for the statuettes that represent the Seven Deadly Sins.

In a city where civil unions have been accepted for over a generation, the City by the Bay, San Francisco is anything but a gay paradise. It boasts the highest HIV infection rate in the country; so much for the pipe dream the official recognition of gay relationships would somehow encourage monogamy and stability.

Folsom Street hosts the homosexual version of a county fair where there are public displays of leather bondage and a wide-array of anal plugs for sale. You’ll probably want to skip the bobbing for apples, horseback ride and the kiss the girl for $1 booth, but the fisting demonstration is proof of diversity.

Oh sure, supporters of homosexual marriage and gay rights will insist on love and commitment as the grounds for their “right to equality.” This is window dressing for the pink Trojan Horse, but like the rear ends of the senior citizens wearing leather chaps at the fair, there’s too much hanging out for the public not to notice the hideous truth.

While producing and filming adult gay films, I thought sex on film was edgy, counter-culture and most of all a black eye for prudish American hypocrisy. This was my way of acting out and showing how little respect I had for the public, friends and most of all family. I felt like a rebel, an outsider that truly enjoyed pretending I was indifferent to criticism, but I was just one person on the fringe.

Boy, look how much “progress” we have made. The marginal lifestyle I espoused is quickly being packaged as a human rights campaign. No homosexual rights advocate will ever denounce lewd public behavior, pornography or promiscuity. They are too busy trying to get the terms “mother” and “father” banned from school textbooks and insisting junior high school kids benefit from live demonstrations on how to properly put on a condom.

For a relatively small interest group, the gay lobbyist and their enablers in high places have come a long way, nevertheless, Americans reject the homosexual agenda and it’s not just for conservatives anymore. Representative Curtis, who opposed same-sex marriage and civil unions, was elected with over a 10 point lead in hopelessly liberal Washington State.

Oregon, New Jersey and New York, also liberal states have just said no to “gay rights”. If given the chance to vote, the citizens of Massachusetts would repeal gay marriage, because they realize same-sex wedlock would be reduced to the status of Representative Barney Frank’s roommate.

The keyword tolerance can trace it’s Latin roots back to the verb for endurance, so how much will the American public take? We’ll have the answer to that question, when no one dares to object to what should obviously be objectionable behavior.

“I sincerely apologize for any pain my actions may have caused.” Representative Curtis said, after stepping down. It’s nice to know someone has a sense of decency, or as liberals call it, hypocrisy.

Columnist Matt Sanchez is currently working on his first book, Gay Jihad: What the radical homosexual movement has in store for you and your family

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