I Get Emails: I can

I Get Emails: I can tell this guy isn’t a regular reader…

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Subject: here is the quote from “My Awakening’
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 19:12:39 EDT

Here is the passage from David Duke’s “My Awakening,” that I think you’ll like.

“Ironically, those of liberal persuasion should be just as concerned about Jewish supremacism and the racial destruction of America as conservatives are. Ecologists should only have to look at the population explosion and environmental devastation of the Third World to know what is in store for America’s and the World’s ecosystems if the unbridled masses of the Third World overrun us.

Feminists should consider the fate of women’s rights if the Western World becomes subsumed by the Third World — societies where women’s rights are nonexistent and millions of young girls are enslaved, circumcised and mutilated.

Civil Libertarians must realize that the epidemic criminal behavior of non-Whites directly results in draconian laws and the destruction of civil liberties for all. Believers in compassion, charity, brotherhood and love must understand that these attributes are most possible and most practiced and appreciated in Western monoracial communities, not multiracial ones. Acquiescence to Jewish supremacism violates every moral principle that liberals claim to profess.

The real issue is race. It is expressed in the wealth and poverty of nations, the scepter of power or the cry of the powerless, the pulse of history, and in the laws of evolution and life itself. Now, our people must take up the cause of our own right to life and the preservation of the sacred cultural forms that only we can create. Every healthy form of life on this planet has an instinct for self-preservation, it is time that we find ours and nurture it.




Here’s my reply…


You may appreciate this article from RWN…or you may not..

White Power…Is For Idiots!

John Hawkins



In retrospect, I probably should of also pointed him towards this version of A.C.P.O.T.I and this one as well. I also have a review of the sickest and most disturbing book I’ve ever read, “The Turner Diaries”, that’s coming out next week. After reading that book I can understand why some people have speculated that white supremacists and Muslim extremists may be secretly conspiring against America.

To sum it up, I don’t care for racists, whether they’re white, black, or Muslims. Furthermore, whether we’re talking about the KKK, the NAACP, Jim Crow laws, or Affirmative Action, I don’t support organizations or laws that try to divide us by race. If there’s anyone who was unclear about that, then I think that should clear it up for you.

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