I Get Emails: “Place One Of Those Guns You Seem To Love Against Your Temple”

Here’s an email I received this morning,

From: dave OHannaghan
subject: Thanks

Hawkins you sad American Dum F@ck. Please don’t ever stop writing your sub retarded articles! They are f@cking hilarious!

Time, I think, to place one of those guns you seem to love against your temple and rid us of your drooling ignorance you irrelevant little man!

No, Dave, thank YOU for writing such a great email. I mean, how often do I get an email from a liberal where all the words are spelled correctly (Well, except for “dumb”)? Plus, it’s just so much nicer than the typical email I get from libs. Your mother must have traded in some of her welfare stamps to send you to charm school. Wouldn’t she be proud of her little Davey Wavey today!

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