I Get Letters: It’s Revolution Time Again!

One of the fringe benefits of a being a blogger is that you get emails from a handful of left-wing kooks who like to regularly send missives to a gazillion conservative websites. It’s not hate mail per se, it tends to be more like articles from ultra-liberal websites that they really want you to see for some reason.

Eventually, if their ISP is on the ball, they have their account suspended for spamming after a few complaints, but that can take weeks or months before it happens. One of the loons that sends me email, (He also sends it to the FBI, DOJ, Charles Krauthammer, and a bazillion other people, too) goes by the handle of Bush-Adm-Planned-911.

Naturally, these emails usually go right into the trash without ever being read, but the title on his latest spam-mail was just too good to resist. It was called, “Do we have to make citizens arrests of Bush & company” and for the most part, the email was leeched from an insane conspiracy website called TvNewsLies.

As you’re reading and enjoying the utter lunacy below, remember that this kook sending me email was so impressed with the reasoning displayed below that he actually sent it out to people to read (This is edited down because of fair use, but you can read it all at the link above):

TVNL Editor’s Comments: Do we have to make citizens arrests of Bush & company? We have smoking gun after smoking gun and the criminals in charge of our nation do nothing. It is quite clear they are all (with few exceptions) in on the crimes.

We have TONS of EVIDENCE that both presidential elections have been stolen. That alone should be enough to arrest the people who have taken over our nation via electoral coup! But wait.there is more.lots more! We have EVIDENCE that there was inside involvement in 9/11.nothing happens. We have EVIDENCE that George W. Bush lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, about what he knew about the potential doom of Katrina in advance, and he knew (and may have been involved) about 9/11.nothing happens. We have testimony that Dick Cheney approved the leaking of top secret information.nothing happens. Do we have to arrest these criminals ourselves? Even if all the EVIDENCE is wrong it only proves that this administration is so incompetent that they should be removed from office for our own safety!

Congress is our enemy; the Justice Department has been compromised in the same way that Police Capt. Mark McCluskey was in the movie the Godfather. Our military have been so blinded with propaganda that they don’t realize that they have been mobilized in direct contradiction to the principles for which they believe they are fighting. Our local law enforcement has already taken steps to implement a fascist police state where they view peace groups as the enemy and they enforce the statutes that violate our Constitution. Do we have to carry out justice ourselves? Do we have to revert to the street justice of the wild west? Do we need to form a posse and arrest the criminals ourselves?

….Don’t you people realize that the EVIDENCE of all these crimes is right there in front of your face? Forget the media.they are the enemy and they should be first on our list when we clean house! Look at the EVIDENCE! It’s out there! I’ll pay for the handcuffs.where are all the deputies? Think about it! – Jesse, Editor, TvNewsLIES.org

Viva la Revolution, comrade! It doesn’t matter if the evidence behind our crazy conspiracy theories is right or wrong, we must act! Then after we get rid of the Bush Family Evil Empire, next comes Congress, the media, and presumably afterwards, the military, which is “blinded with propaganda” and local law enforcement because they’re implementing “a fascist police state.” So, who’ll be left after all of that? Comrade Jesse, Comrade Bush-Adm-Planned-911, and Comrade Cindy Sheehan who’ll set up a collective and Gulags for the dissenters…maybe, who knows how these lunatics think?

Whatever the case may be, the cat is out of the bag, you weirdos! There’s a cell in the Haliburton “Patriotic Reeducation” camp set up for you in Montana and after you get out, you’ll love Nascar, hunting, and George Bush! Get ready for the men in black to kick in your door at any time and take you away! (Shhh, don’t tell them I’m kidding. Maybe this kook will stop sending me email out of fear that the VRWC will find out his location.)

PS: Thanks goes out to Bellsouth, Bush-Adm-Planned-911’s ISP. Without their steadfast refusal to block his insane spam, despite multiple emails to abuse, this post would not have been possible.

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