I Get Letters — More Hate Mail

I Get Letters — More Hate Mail: This is probably a bit perverse, but I generally enjoy getting hate mail. I think it’s because I can just imagine these left-wingers being sent a link to RWN by one of their friends and then getting here, being infuriated by the page, and sputtering with rage as they blast out an email to me. The very idea of making left-wingers that angry just warms the cockles of my cold, black heart.

Here’s a representative sample of the sort of stuff I’ve been getting from angry lefties lately…


Wolf Nipple
Subject : Your Web Site


i’d ask politely that you GET AN EDUCATION, and stop spewing your hate-filled, ignorant jibberish.”


Stewart W. Leathwood
Subject: Fascist!

You are an anti-American Fascist and a traitor you should turn yourself in to the U.S. Marshals service as such!


McGinty Robert X
Subject: Wow

Vited your site, what a sad excuse for a hate filled @sshole you are, you aren’t even wirth pity just contempt, guess anyone can buid a web site to spew their own personal venom and then act as if they represent the right, BULLSH*T.

One last coment, a follower of Christ you are NOT, you missed that point all together.
Have Grap for a Life.


From: Charles Fraser
Subject: You are a bunch of knob jockys!!!

You f*cking bunch of insensitive, stupid, simple minded objective f*ck nuts. The banner on your limp spirited web site says you fight for truth justice and the american way. Then next to humor you have war in brackets along-side more of your in-bread trash; the problem being that this is the American way, no one but your stuck up selves wants a part of it. Might does not equal right, and you are the least popular country in the world. Get that into your head. If you come to england, ever, there are thousands of people wanting to hurt people like your selves so much. do take that as directly as it is stated. Stay with your over weight, infested with boredom, crime and a confused herd people. I am ashamed to have my flag flown next to yours in a country which has displayed none of the necessary criterion which your country (in a position of power and with the possibility to have great wisdom (not an ex-alcoholic) in power) has promised that they had. (The weapons of mass D you right wing f*ck.)

Your small minded opinion can damage that of others equally slow to the point at hand, and these people are not to blame, you are for imprinting your forgotten selves and opinions on them.

Go get f*cked

Charles Drummond Malcom Fraser


Subject: enviro quotes

right wing news is an ignorant site fueled by ignorant politicians who have no trace of intelligence whatsoever. it’s a bit sad seeing people like you in power. I just have a comment about the environmentalist quotes you posted and laughed at: has anyone in the right wing news staff taken any environmental science courses? Are any of you scientists? probably not. that’s why you do not realize the full extent of the environmental problems we face. most of those quotes spoke with logic. they were all true, even though some were a little bit morbid. but hey, so is the war….



….Anyway I hope your website contracts a virus which gives you all warts on the top of your knobs so americans can no longer breed.

I actually thought you boys were all right before i visited this site. Keep up the good work f*ckheads…


Heh, heh…I’ll certainly have to avoid talking “jibberish” and I’ll do my best to steer clear of whatever the Hell this is supposed to be as well, “I hope your website contracts a virus which gives you all warts on the top of your knobs so americans can no longer breed.” I wonder if this is the tenor of the hate mail all the Conservative bloggers get? My guess is that this sort of stuff is typical…

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