I Get Letters: More Hatemail

Ah, it’s a heady time to be a blogger! Here we are influencing the presidential election, taking down Dan Rather, and finally starting to get the recognition we deserve.

But blogging isn’t just about sitting around in your pajamas examining 30 year old memos to see if they’re written in Microsoft Word. It’s also about getting email — email from angry liberals, lunatics, and white supremacists, all of whom are furious about things you wrote =D

You want to see what it’s like? Well, welcome to my inbox bub! And remember, all of these emails are real…

From: Steve Fossler
Subject: At first I thought this was a joke

and then I realized that your site is not meant to be funny, but a serious news site. How sad. Are you really that stupid to believe some of the crap thats up there or are you just a blind partisan? In particular, the interview with John O Neill got under my skin. Mr O neill and the rest of the swift boat liars have been thoroughly and completely discredited. If you are interested in having a substantive discussion of issues that matter today, why would you listen to these losers. Maybe your readers are dumb enough to listen and believe that sort of crap, but many other people are not, and it is not helpful to the cause of conservatives to give the swift boat vets the time of day, much less to try and promote their agenda. Shame on You! You are on the wrong side. You are supporting liars and crooks. Bushco. is the worst thing to happen to this country and to see people like you support them with all of your patriotic themes is vulgar and obsene. F*ck you rightwingnews. you’re wrong. you’re rightwingnuts.

From: Sam Lane
Subject: You know….

Your kind…your whole white bread conservative nazi bullsh*t…..I really hate them. And I hate you. And your stupid little website.

Keep up the work.

From: David Wilson
Subject: white people

I have read your smears of white websites and pro-white candidates for office. What’s your problem with white people? It doesn’t sound like you’re very “right wing” to me.

From: [email protected]
Subject: American Daily column feedback

Re: John Kerry Didn’t Support The Troops In His Post-Vietnam Days

You are admired in the Nazi community for your views! You are one of them.

From: [email protected]******
Subject: American Daily column feedback

About “Take My Word for It, Jews Don’t Rule the World

Here it is another example of the compulsive tendency to subtly say that anti zionism and anti-semitism are the same thing. WRONG. Every time one raises his voice to critize the State of Israel and the connections with the american zionists (who do have decisive influence, yes), some others try to pass the idea that the natural, eternal and undeniable hostility towards jews is once again out there. WRONG. Why don’t many support Israel? Because we like to blame jews for daily problems?!!! Let me tell you this. The jewish question has been a fascinating subject to me since I can remember. It goes back to the days when I was 13 and first heard, in a History class, the word “anti-semitism”; since that day I’ve been in love with learning more about the jewish culture and I’ve always had true simpathy for the jewish people; been in many places and forums discussing the Holocaust, with people that firmly believe it was all a story made up by evil jews; been trying to understand the multiple reasons why jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. I don’t blame jews for my problems, though I live in an enterely catholic country (Portugal), and I don’t think jews are leading a world conspiracy. And still I do believe that the State of Israel and its expansion (often violating the International Law and the palestinian human rights) is a terrible mistake (let’s just remember that ’till the foundation in 1948, the jewish communities living in Palestine were very small in number. Now I don’t know what you americans call that, but I know that we europeans, with centuries of history behind, don’t consider it a good thing); and the same way it is seriously wrong to say anti-zionism is anti-semitism, I also know that not every jew is a zionist or a supporter of Israel. Do me a favour: please stop making it seem as if criticizing Israel is automatically attacking the whole of the jewish community in the world. IT’S WRONG. What do you call the several jewish orthodox groups that stand against not only the israeli government’s actions but also the existence of the State of Israel itself? Are they self-hating jews, as I’ve heard somewhere?… Ridiculous…

As for things as the big influence of jews (secular, atheist jews, many neoconservatives) on american media and government, I don’t think it’s possible to hide it. It’s obvious and anyone can see it. I’ll just leave you with a quote that needs no comments, because it says pretty much everything:

“I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about american pressure on Israel, we the jewish people control America, and the americans know it”. – Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael Radio

From: [email protected]>
Subject: American Daily column feedback

How the f*ck do you think we liberals feel?

Happy?!! F*ck no, we hate Bush’s f*cking guts!!

Angry you were at the 2000 stolen election (the one where Bush was appointed)? Liberal media? AW, [email protected]*CKING SH*T!!

How do you feel about your f*cking chimp now?

Lost anyone in Iraq?

From: [email protected]******
Subject: American Daily column feedbac

I love the example about the pentagon crash. So in your view, Lee Harvey Oswald must have acted alone because the other shooters were never arrested and were not identified by people who were there. How about some facts then. Just after the pentagon was hit there were pictures taken of the building still standing with no more than a sixteen foot hole at the point of impact. Remember a 757 has a total width of 125ft. The offical government story claims the 757 came in at ground level and hit the first floor of the pentagon. In those same pictures taken in the first few minutes after impact there was no damage to the lawn of the pentagon or the construction supplies that sat directly in the planes path. The pictures could not have been faked because they were taken by an “eyewitness” which is all you need to hear right. The offical government story also claims that most of the plane vaporized and that would explain the lack of wreckage. The offical government story also claims that the dna from every passenger aboard the plane was recovered. So the crash site was hot enough to vaporize aluminium and steel but was not quite hot enough to destroy organic matter. For the record I believe something crashed into the pentagon that day but it was not a one hundred ton 757. Here is one more fact. There was a security camera that pointed at the very area where the crash took place. Hooray!!! Mystery finally solved!!! Oh wait. Sorry. The security system at the pentagon captured absolutely nothing. Isn’t that great.

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