I Get Letters: Stop Bashing Nazis On Your Blog!

I thought you might like reading a couple of emails I’ve gotten from one William Cox, who’s quite perturbed at the whole “anti-Nazi” attitude he has found at RWN =D. I guess you really can’t please everybody, lol. Hope you enjoy the nutty emails as much as I did…

From: william cox <************@hotmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 2:18 PM
Subject: William Grim’s article

Mr. Hawkins,

“Why do you publish such literary scum such as, “The Eternal Nazi“? It sounds to me that Mr. Grim is a liberal Red through and through. To bash the Nazis is to bash nationalism at its purest. As we all know, the Nazis had a superiority complex. They had the courage to take their country back for Germans, flush out impure non-German influences, restore law and order, take guns out of the hands of criminals and turn a once Marxist leaning trough of human filth into a great, vigorous nation of honesty and valor. Imagine; we manage to take back the liberal media, deport the homosexuals, deport illegal immigrants, tighten drug laws, take guns out of the hands of criminals and non-citizens, restore our once shining glory and be the City on a Hill our fore fathers envisioned. If the founding fathers could have seen what a waste and degenerate toilet bowl their country had become, I assure you the constitution would have had stricter amendments. Do NOT bash Nationalism. The liberals are the cosmopolitan intellectual weenies we’ve all grown to abhore, and the more anti-Nationalist articles you publish, the more of a leftist bolshevist you become. Also, don’t even try to retort about the Third Reich having good laws, but going too far with the holocaust. Anyone who actually reads into that farce and pays attention to forensics and proof, they’d see it for the hoax it is. Criminal convictions in todays court system require proof and forensic evidence of a crime, especially one as heinous as gassing “6 million” people. Not one shred of proof has gone toward that claim. Not even Auschwitz itself says 6 million anymore, the number has been highly debatable between 1.5 and 6 between the years, both of which are highly exaggerated. It is TABOO to speak about this publicly, thanks to the jewish owned, run and propagandized media, which is why intelligent individuals such as ourselves are raised with this evil view of Nazism. Anyone who stands in the jews way will perish publicly. We both know this. But back to the point, don’t bash Nationalism. It is a good thing. We Americans are truly God’s people, and deserve the fruits of the land and all the prestige it brings. So thought the Nazis, but they crossed the line and upset the jews i.e. creating their bad image. Only difference between American Nationalism and pride, and German Nationalism and pride- they picked a fight with a parasitic group of manipulators and we did not, instead opting for an equally dirty and corrupt group of Arabs. Lets just hope they don’t one day control our media, for then we will be truly done for….just as the Nazis are.”

From: william cox <************@hotmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 5:38 AM
Subject: (None)

“my my my john, theres an awful lot of finger pointing at the nazis on this website. number one, nazis are far right extremists. the national “socialism” term, was meant to attract nationalists as well as proletariats. Fascism is exactly what we need today, extreme economic freedom, but law restrictions on certain personal items, such as homosexuality etc. I don’t understand the Nazi bashing. ZOG does exist, jews DO run the media which is an obvious fact. jews created the communism the right fought and defeated in the 80s under Ronald Reagan. this is just absolutly ridiculous of your website to keep bashing nazism. jews are the liberal left who control the media. jews created communism and socialism. jews are responsible for the moral breakdown of society today, introducing f@ggotism on a national level as ok, racemixing between other races except of course for their own. anti-war, anti-right wing, anti-conservatism. I cannot vouch for whatever backwoods douches are posting on vanguard, it seems to be the idiots of the nationalist movement. just as the left has douches, so does the nationalists. comparing the left to the far right seems to be undermining my point however. I proudly support Bush and his policies, although i think we could benefit from a little more extremism. i remember something vividly from my youth….a wealthy jewish lawyer always taught his children we are all equal and racemixing was ok, his son was a wigger of course and his daughter a typical j.a.p…this type of brainwashing continued until his well manicured princess of a daughter brought home a knuckle dragging member of the tribe. his jewish philosophy of equality and racemixing surely came to a halt…”i didn’t mean it was ok for my kids!” which is so typical of the leftist elitist jewish pigs. the more you bash nazism, the more you make yourselves look foolish and typically moronic, falling into the trap of leftists. you don’t see democrats bashing stalin or lenin do you? i wonder why not? because they didnt attack the jews. yet democrats AND republicans are supposed to hate the nazis? sounds a little fishy to me. allying with russia, under a jewish form of government (karl marx came from a long line of rabbis and his manifesto was written in accordance with jewish holy scriptures; look at a kibbutz-communism in small form), in ww2 has caused nearly ALL of our war problems since ww2. without allying with commie scum, thered be no korea, vietnam, afghanistan, iraq, or any problems whatsoever with the middle east or communism. we handed 50% of the world to the far left in ww2. foolish people. when are you going to learn.”

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