I Get Letters: The Cleansing Is Here!

Before you ask, yes it’s real. Let me anticipate your next question: I have no idea why this was sent to me. But since I got it, enjoy the freaky email that gets progressively crazier as it goes on…

Subject: $$$$$$=== GOD

“Do not spill the oil or the wine ( alcohol)”in Revelation.

People think the up prices are temporary and Momma GOV and Uncle Sam will get it back down.

Nope…..wrong.It will spike up to 6 dollars a barrel by this time next year.And not only stay there but keep spiking up until the economy crashes and and we are unbelievably back on horse back.

That is in prophecy too.The armies of the world attack the Israeli area on horseback after years of tank/ gas -gas’tank battles.

All utility bills will go sky high…natural gas too.Food and goods brought in via trucks will cost too much to afford.As soon as China finds more trading partners they will pull the plug and we will go into Great Depression NO.2.But this time we do NOT have plenty of fuel in the earth to help us recover.

What is there is so hard to get out now it is too expensive.The world is going into several chain reaction problems all at once and it will eliminate world p[population, establish a ONE WORLD RELIGION and GOVERNMENT.( Also predicted in the Bible in many places…as the Luciferian Age.)

It is called the END OF AFFLUENCE.As Babylon the Great here –the USA–has committed adultery with it’s lovers and they will burn her with FIRE ! The G8 or BEAST NATIONS have given their POWER..to the DRAGON–Red China—this too is all quote unquote in prophecy.

The PMA preachers will loose a grip when this happens shortly.

The HEAT will turn up and shaded areas with water and then ability to grow food will be more important than gold.

It is back to 1800…soon..and only those that have the equipment,know how and food seeds etc. will survive.Picking areas that have the most cloud cover and rain is a wise idea.The sun is going to get unbearable–especially after some preliminary nuclear exchanges.( Russia and China are practicing joint Soviet-Sino drills this month–together–the enemy is the USA.Also see Charleston Gazette today–about it.But their–WV Pravda’s- spin is a bit different–they are just having a little fun.Pravda gave away every bunker and silo they could to their comrades.)

Red China has bought up all our Treasury notes..they own us by holding up the stock and bond market.They can take Taiwan at will…they can take LA or NYC at will who is going to challenge that kind of blackmail.

The carbon monoxide and dioxide will make it so HOT down here nothing will survive the sun.

Now put this prophecy behind a living room picture and pull it out 5 yrs from now.

I am exhausted from trying to convince my family and also neighbors etc..Several years of this and finally it is here.I am forced to try to get all the survival goodies myself.

Well, I am pulling off a fast one.You build this ark or you do not get in it.Survival money is going off to Disney World etc. as usual and I am at the end of my rope.It will be me and a backpack and my rifle going for the mountains. I have to get rid of this truck now probably even before I get the work done here first–that requires a truck.

Life in the USA is about to totally end as we know it.I see so called radio towers going up but only half way–on the Interstates..They sit as ready made tree houses made out of steel just waiting for a bullet proof guard tower -with 50 cal NV machine guns.

The things I wrote about across the net for years–like guys I know that delivered quickie to set up plastic aluminum jails hidden off the super highways -and warned lists on the net and radio hosts and was called a nut–well get ready it is about show time.

Chaos will be delt with.People are going to panic and get very desperate.The Cleansing is here.

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