I Get Letters: The I’m Pretty Sure That’s Not Really David Arquette Edition

Blogging isn’t all fun and games and writing articles that bring in 30,000+ readers just from Fark alone. It also means that you get cranky, incoherent, and yet still wildly entertaining hate mail from liberals.

Now, some bloggers don’t share their hate mail, they don’t put it out there. But, being the compassionate conservative that I am, I’m posting some of the hate mail I’ve received just for your amusement. Enjoy!

From: Jim Wiggins ([email protected]*********)
Subject: (none)

“F*ck you, you war-mongering right-wing *sshole. You distort the truth just like every other neocon in America. Your inability to see anything other that what the GOP spoon-feeds you is beyond belief. You say you read all your email but don’t respond unless the post comes from the press or an advertiser that’s just like a f*cking Republican. If I can’t add to your bottom line, then I’m just a pebble in your shoe.


From: Kevin Barker ([email protected]*****)
Subject: Informative

“Only guaranteeing responses to the press and advertisers is a great way to distance yourself from the majority of people. Isolationism from the people in your own country is not a healthy way to exist, you right wing terrorist.”

From: Jay Leet ([email protected]*********)
Subject: (none)

“It’s hard to take you seriously when you call it “mustard gas” you ignorant fool. It’s “Muster Gas”. As if Saddam was killing people with gas made from mustard…you retard.”

From: ([email protected]*******)
Subject: relaxed liberal

“I would guess that most German’s pre-WWII, would have been comforted by your list. It is NOT what you do believe, but what you DO NOT believe that is of concern. For your analysis: You can not have Peace(Christ)…by making War(anti-Christ). The Zionist certainly get worked up when anyone uses the Ashke nazi word, don’t they? Come out of the darkness and join the “sons of light”.”

From: ([email protected]***********)
Subject: A special “F*CK YOU!” from David Arquette…


You tremendous pr*ck. How stupid can you be? First off, to be such a rightwing lemming, you really must have your head comfortably stuck up your *ss for the rest of you life. I truly hope you burn in hell and I’m a nice guy. I never think those sort of things but I am so sick of your type. You suck. If you ever did have the honor of meeting me I’m sure you would’ve liked me before this e-mail but you didn’t because you suck and you children suck and I wish horrible things on you because the world would be a better place without the waste of space that is you. YOU simply suck. F*ck off and die. DA”

Update #1: I’ve received an email from someone claiming to work for David Arquette and she made it clear that this email was not from David Arquette. I’m sure that is the case and that this email is not from David Arquette, hence the title.

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