I “Heart” Gitmo

You see that bumper sticker? It represents my feelings. I do “heart” Gitmo. You know why? Because we do lock up terrorists there…and not just any terrorists, terrorists who are determined to see Americans die.

Am I concerned about their rights? About as concerned as I would have been about the rights of Nazis captured during WW2.

While that means I would not support torturing them — and as far as I am concerned, nothing that has been reported to have occurred at Gitmo rises to the level of torture — it also means those terrorists confined at Gitmo have few rights. In my opinion, they have no right to a lawyer, no right to a trial, they have no right to be told when they’re going to be released, and it is right and proper for them to be interrogated regularly and harshly for information.

Am I concerned that “the world” is unhappy with Gitmo? No. In fact, I’m more concerned that we’re being too soft at Gitmo and not getting information we need. I’m also worried that all these liberal politicians like Dick Durbin, who seem more concerned about terrorists at Gitmo than American soldiers, are convincing the enemy that we’re “paper tigers” who don’t have the guts or heart for a long fight.

So, include me among the strong supporters of Gitmo.

Gitmo serves a vital function in the war on terror and it has been well run and managed despite the mountains some people have tried to make out of molehills there. Moreover, the calls to close Gitmo send exactly the wrong signal to our enemies.

Keeping Gitmo open is the right thing to do and I’d suggest that anyone who suggests we close that prison isn’t serious about winning the war on terrorism and preventing another 9/11.

Hat tip to Move America Forward for the bumper sticker.

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