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I Love This Site: I ran across File13’s Amish Tech Support page today via a link from Instapundit and it absolutely rules. This mean spirited rant about Syria is just one of the many entertaining pieces on the front page…

“BBC: Syrian dam collapses

That’s one, you hummus-eating terror-monkeys. You have nine more plagues left to go.

I don’t know what Yahweh has in the back of his vicious mind for you scumbags, but I’m sure that the last one’ll be a b*tch. You can count on it. With all new Modern Plagues of Jehovah, folks, people will be asking “Syria? What’s a Syria? Is that some sort of new breakfast food or something? Wasn’t that a boy-band in 2010?”

God made a mistake leaving enough of Pharaoh’s legion of [email protected] around to kick his Chosen People around through the centuries. He won’t make that same mistake twice.

Now quit f*cking with Israel through the Hizbollah in Lebanon. God can see through your middlemen as easily as he can see through the hair in your noses. Go back to killing your own resident minorities and you might just earn a lukewarm pit in Hell instead of an endless field of rotating spits. Sure, you earn 72 virgins in the afterlife when you martyr yourselves in attacks on the Tribe… they rotate on flaming spits and sear for all time as well!

Think about that seriously as you paddle around your pathetic pool of tears.”

If Ariel Sharon needs a press agent who’ll scare the living hell out of the Islamo-fascists in the area this guy would be a perfect choice =)

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