I Saw A Lizard Cloaking Himself….. I Think I Am Part Lizard

I Saw A Lizard Cloaking Himself….. I Think I Am Part Lizard: I ran across a page called Light Think that I thought might be freaky enough to merit being included in an edition of ACPOTI (Anyone Can Post On The Internet). However, I was going to give them a pass despite the fact that the guy who runs the page claims to have been kidnapped by aliens because he’s such a boring writer. Seriously, how do you make MEETING ALIENS seem more tedious than watching Leonardo Dicaprio’s “The Beach?” But just as I was about to head to another page, I found letters written by his crazed readers that cut the mustard. Their stories about alien babies, lizard people, wingless planes, disappearing houses, & shadow people were more than crazy enough to be worthwhile. Enjoy the loopiness in the latest edition of ACPOTI!

Barton: “One summer when I was out at night, I could see a darkness like a smudge cloud that would drift around the neighborhood. At first I thought it might be a spot before my eyes from looking at the moon, but during the new moon I still saw it.

There were other houses in the neighborhood and on quiet nights I could hear people talking in their houses. It seemed as if The Darkness was drawn to raised voices. One night I saw the darkness approach the Peterson house. The Peterson’s began arguing and I wondered if The Darkness was drawn to them because of the noise. As their voices turned to screaming and yelling, I was shocked to notice that The Darkness moved in and blotched out some of the Peterson house as if it were consuming it. And then Mr. Peterson threw Mrs. Peterson out the front door. The neighbours came out. She had tumbled down the stairs and fallen limp upon the ground. I realized the smudge was a thing – an Evil Darkness. I realized that the arguing began after The Darkness was approaching.

I guessed it caused arguments. I was always on the lookout for it because I didn’t want it near me. A few weeks later I never saw it again. I realize now that it was probably a powerful shadow being or a group of shadow people.”

Johnny: “There was a sand pit on a dirt road throu the woods to my uncles house. Some times I saw an old house there throu the trees. Sometimes I dident.

So when I did one time I went over to it with Billy. It was empty and real old. There were just torn kertins and an old piano. Next day my frend and me went to see if we could get the ivery off the keys. We herd it was valable. The house was gone. There was only a old fondation.”

cloak’s Master: “I saw a lizard cloaking himself….. I think I am part lizard….outof my mind….no exit.”

Alice: “I was abducted once. They showed me a alien baby. It was almost all head. It was very cute. Big eyes. It talked to me with its eyes. It was only a foot long and smarter than me. It wasn’t scary. I amazed myself. I wondered what makes a baby anything cute? I can tell a puppy from a large dog is not a fully grown small dog. Same with other animals and birds.”

Ted: “1958- My brother Bob and me were helping my father fix the roof. Bob (age six) was just handing me things up the ladder. I was ten years old. Suddenly there was a loud buzzing sound. It sounded like what I imagine a WW II buzz bomb would sound like. We all looked up and saw a what looked like a WW II fighter plane hovering about one hundred feet above the house. It had no wings or propeller. It still had its rudder and stabilizer. At the position of where the engine would be, there was lots of coiled tubing or wires. The cockpit, which looked as if it were two position for pilot and co pilot, was open, slid back, only a lone pilot sat in the front. He was waving down at us. The neighbors flooded out, looking up and pointing up at the noisy, hovering plane. suddenly the plane became smaller and smaller until it collapsed to nothing. All was quiet. Everyone dumbfounded.”

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