I Think I’ve Found A T-Shirt Model Or Alternately, Will Conservatives Really Wear These T-Shirts?

In all seriousness, are people wearing these shirts?

I mean, despite the fact that these shirts are fascinating — sort of the same way a train wreck is — I just don’t see Jonah Goldberg or Michelle Malkin wearing these shirts to the mall…

(Be forewarned, there is an obscenity on one of the shirts and the stunningly hot model, even though she appears to be doing the shoot on a warm, sunny street, seems to have perhaps just walked out of the freezer at a local meat packing plant…)

I'd Do McCain

Obama is a wimp

PS: Just because I am curious,

Would you actually wear either of these t-shirts?
Yes, but just around the house and in the yard
Yes, as a goof or to a costume party
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