I Thought The Bailout Was A Good Thing For Wall Street

Why aren’t they happy?

I mentioned it before, but I’m going to clarify: It is obscene that Congressmen and Senators preen for the cameras over this legislation. If the legislation was even necessary, it was a necessary evil. It was dirty business signifying a dismaying trend in American culture and American voters were not happy about it even if they thought it was the right thing to do. To see Chris Dodd, CHRIS DODD! of all people, and now Nancy Pelosi gloat is sickening.

These pompous windbags wonder why they are loathed. This is why. All Americans are paying now for the people and businesses who live beyond their means. See, the little guy is screwed. He might declare bankruptcy but no one is bailing him out. But big business and the sticky-fingered government that helped create this problem are getting bailed out.

And they brag. Do they realize that every self-congratulatory word they spout will be replayed if this money gamble doesn’t work? Oh right, I forgot. The press will cover their butts and blame Bush for signing it into law.

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