I Want An Electric Car

I Want An Electric Car Right Now!: Liberals always try to portray Conservatives as being against electric and hydrogen based cars. Of course that isn’t true. Let me give you my take on non-oil based cars…

First off, we’re not even close to running out of oil. The estimates I’m hearing seem to indicate that we have 50-100 years worth of oil left and I wouldn’t be surprised if technological advances end up making that a conservative estimate. Furthermore, considering that we currently buy no oil from Russia, that we have huge amounts of undrilled oil ourselves in Alaska and down in the Gulf of Mexico, and that a large source of oil is going to start coming out of the “stans” in the next decade or so, we may be able to completely wean ourselves off of Middle Eastern oil within a decade if we so desire.

So there is no pressing reason to switch to alternative fuel sources. However, electric and hydrogen based cars are getting more and more competitive with oil based cars every day. Furthermore, alternative fuel sources will become cheaper and more practical as time goes by. Also, if and when we do get to the point where oil starts becoming scarce, oil prices will go up. Because of that, at a certain point, alternative fuels will become preferable to oil. We don’t need a government program to make that happen. Market forces will cause it to happen all on it’s own. Just as we eventually moved from horse drawn carriages to cars, we’ll move from oil to whatever comes next naturally.

However, if we try to force the market to switch to an alternative fuel before it’s ready, there will be massive cost increases and inefficiency that will have a very negative impact on our economy. So for those of you that want cars powered by something other than oil, be patient because it is going to happen and we’ll be better off when it does as long as we’re willing to wait for it.

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