I Want To Tell The Millions Of People Listening That I’ve Been Silenced

I Want To Tell The Millions Of People Listening That I’ve Been Silenced: The, “Help! They’re Squashing My Dissent Club” gets larger and more ludicrous by the day. In this case, it’s Paul Begala going off the deep end on the Don Imus show. Here’s how Newsmax described it…

“”Everybody who supports Bush kind of knows in their bones that he is kind of our Kim Jong-il,” the bitter-sounding Clintonista told radio host Don Imus. “[He’s] sort of the befuddled ne’er-do-well son of a former leader. We know he’s not quite up to the job, so we overreact.”

Defending the Bush-bashing Texas singing group the Dixie Chicks, Begala continued the comparison between Kim and Bush, complaining that “any criticism of the beloved leader [draws the response] ‘They must be hanged, they must be imprisoned, they must be silenced.'”

First of all, who are these people who have been “hanged”, “imprisoned” & “silenced” for criticizing Bush? Did the FBI sweep in on the Dixie Chicks after their interview with Diane Sawyer and send them off to Guantanamo Bay? Is Michael Moore being hung by his ankles in some dank hellhole in the Texas desert? Could Tim Robbins be on his knees begging Don Rumsfeld to shoot him instead pulling out another one of his fingernails at this very moment? Come on, Paul give us the scoop on this horrible oppression.

Furthermore, it’s very ironic to hear a man who rips Bush to shreds day in and day out on his TV SHOW WITH CNN going on a radio show with 15 MILLION LISTENERS and complaining that people who do what he does every day of his life are being silenced. Can I be oppressed and silenced like this sometime? I mean if getting your views out in front of 15 million people on top of having your own TV show is the terrible price you have to pay for dissent in America, sign me up to be squashed anytime…

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