I Wonder If Ned Lamont Is Wondering If That Netroots Money Is Worth It About Now?

Here’s a rather tasteless photoshop of Lieberman from the liberal blogosphere’s favorite ultraharpy, Jane Hamsher:

You know what the really weird thing is — well, besides the pic itself? There’s nothing about race, racism, or any related topic in her post. It was all just standard lefty boilerplate like:

“Lieberman has been an integral part of the GOP’s bully machine for the past six years, the Democrat useful for his willingness to dicipline his own kind. Ned Lamont is running a legitimate primary contest and Joe is refusing to abide by the results of that primary. As Lowell Weicker said the other day, when he became an independent he didn’t screw with the Republican primary first (my words not his) he just left. Joe is mucking up the Democratic primary and then abandoning the party to attack it from the outside. How this is the fault of Ned Lamont or his supporters I would very much like to know.”

Who writes a post like that and then goes, “You know, what would really make this post hum? A picture of Joe Lieberman in blackface for no reason whatsoever. After all, there’s nothing more hilarious than a Jew in blackface!”

Of course, this photoshop isn’t all that surprising because Jane Hamsher has no class, but….ah, that about covers it.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for pointing out the story.

Update #1: From the comments section:

“I live in CT and I can tell you if we could muster/harness half of the hatred these loony libs have for Lieberman (1/100th if we were talking about Bush) and redirected it towards Islamo-fascist terrorists, the war on terror would be over today.” — AlexinCT

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