I Wouldn’t Eat The Rich

I Wouldn’t Eat The Rich Even If They Tasted Like Chicken: Everyone knows the Democrats love high taxes as much as their own children so it was no surprise that they fought to keep the revocation of the death tax from becoming permanent. Nor is it a surprise to hear comments like this from a Democrat…

“Strip it all away, this is a tax relief for billionaires when we have a very big deficit and we have other priorities,” such as health care, education, Social Security ( news – web sites) and Medicare, argued Sen. Byron Dorgan ( news, bio, voting record), D-N.D.”

But what is Byron Dorgan actually saying? He’s really saying “Sure you could get a tax cut, but that would mean one of those rich fatcats would have to get a tax cut too. Isn’t it worth paying a death tax just so you can stick it to those rich jerks?”

This whole “class warfare” theme that the Democrats continually play up has it exactly backwards. We shouldn’t be telling the public to resent the rich, we should be telling Americans to copy them. Most of the people who got rich, did so by serving the public. They entertained people, built a better product, created a service that people want, etc. Of course, not every rich person made their money this way. Some of them won the lottery, created a scam, inherited the money, etc. But so what? There are plenty of talentless, clueless, middle class people who lucked into a higher paying jobs than they deserved as well, that’s just life.

I for one believe in an America where people can still get rich. In fact, the more rich people America has, the better off we’ll be, especially if I’m among them.

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