If Ann Coulter Was Wrong, And She Was, So Are These Liberal Bloggers

“Conservative bloggers should get credit for roundly denouncing “Just Ann’s” statement, unlike the majority of liberal bloggers who refused to denounce the anti-Christian comments of the Edwards’ bloggers. The current demands from liberal bloggers for condemnation of Ann seem sort of silly compared to the way they dug in their heels to defend the offensive and disgusting comments about Christianity made by Amanda Marcotte.” — Kirsten Powers

As one of the conservative bloggers who did rip Coulter’s quote as being “juvenile,” “extremely selfish,” and called for Ann to apologize and not be invited back to CPAC next year, let me also note that Kirstin Powers makes an excellent point.

How hypocritical is it for the left side of the blogosphere, which is filled with bloggers who can barely go 3 or 4 sentences without dropping a F-bomb, to be complaining about Ann Coulter using an offensive word?

Additionally, it’s worth noting that more than a few liberal bloggers have used the word f*ggot as well. Here are 5 I was able to pull up with just a little googling (note the *’s were added by me and not contained in the original posts),

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“The theory goes: In the past Congress has taken rights away from trees, so it’s only logical they do the same to loving gay couples. Uh huh. That’s certainly taking the dehumanizing of gays to a new low. I guess by Republican logic we already burn one “f*ggot” in the fireplace, so why not burn the other legislatively.” — AMERICAblog

“The archetype of the vituperative butch closet case is not reducible to a belief in simple overcompensation—rather, it is an insistence that we acknowledge the truth of humanity: none of us are straight like Haggard’s public face was straight. This argument is already dealing with sexuality on the plane of metaphor, because it is made by a group of people who have been brutalized by paranoiac exegesis since before the Puritans trudged ashore. It deserves better than to be dismissed as wishful thinking on the part of a puny sexual minority, let alone as internalized homophobia. The fronting homo is not an actual homo, but a symbolic one, because the f*ggot core he’s obscuring is a symbol for irregular desire.” — Feministe

“You know, I have been spending my time since the election attempting to hone my knowledge of the Radical Gay Agenda in hopes of infiltrating the Christianist chuch and bringing it down from within. But it looks like the sad, sick, repressed f*ggots that run the place are saving me the trouble.” — Firedoglake

“It sounds like that’s not all they think got lopped off. Don’t you kind of get the feeling that the peaceful, gentle image of Jesus is kind of unseemly to these guys, you know, just a too girly, or better yet, too damn f*ggoty? What, pray tell, could be worse than dropping to your knees to thank some pansy-*ss savior?” — Pandagon

“Uh, you know, Mike–I’m not so sure it’s a good idea for students to be studying that f*ggot anyway. You have a thing or two to learn from Alabama, it seems.” — Shakespeare’s Sister

Let me add that all of those bloggers also used an offensive word, behaved in a juvenile fashion, and should apologize. Now, how many bloggers on the left side of the blogosphere have the guts to apply exactly the same standards they’ve applied to Coulter to the bloggers at Firedoglake, Pandagon, and the rest?

My guess? Not many.

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