If I Could Only Read 20 Political Websites For The Next Year…

If I were only allowed to read 20 political websites (and the links from them) for the next year they would be (in order):

20) Hundred Percenter
19) Tim Blair
18) Jewish World Review
17) FoxNews
16) Power Line
15) Cybercast News Service
14) Ravenwood’s Universe
13) Little Green Footballs
12) TownHall
11) Blacksheep News
10) Betsy’s Page
9) Instapundit
8) Polipundit
7) Newsmax
6) Michelle Malkin
5) WorldNetDaily
4) Real Clear Politics
3) National Review
2) The Drudge Report
1) Lucianne

Also, if there are any other bloggers out there who want to do their own lists and then link back to this post & let me know about it, I’ll add a link to your post right here later this week-end.

*** Update #1 **** Other blogs that have ranked blogs as well:

The American Mind
The New Skeptic
This Blog Is Full Of Crap
Commonwealth Conservative
Isaac Schrödinger
The Unalienable Right
Obviously Right
GM’s Corner
Right Side Of The Rainbow
My Newz ‘n Ideas
Ilyka Damen

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