If Only Liberals Hated Terrorists The Way They Hate George W. Bush…

An infuriated Al Gore gave an anti-Bush speech yesterday and I think this picture will tell you just about everything you need to know about it…

If only we could transfer the towering hate and rage left-wingers like Al Gore & Howard Dean feel towards Republicans to the terrorists who want to kill us all, our country would be better off.

But instead, most people on the American left seem to be totally apathetic about terrorists. Read most left-wing blogs, peruse the columns of famous leftie columnists, hell, listen to people like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and “Baghdad” Jim McDermott and you’ll find terrorism is little more than another political issue to them. Other than a few oft noted exceptions like Christopher Hitchens and Joe Lieberman, the average left-wingers only bring up the war on terrorism when they want to…

1) Talk about how opposed they are to it.
2) Use it to attack America.
3) Try to pin something on George Bush and the GOP.

The old Truman – Kennedy – Scoop Jackson style Democrats who were sober minded and serious about the defense of this country are rare as hen’s teeth these day. They have, for the most part, been replaced with wrathful demagogues who can spend an hour telling you why Bush is a Fascist, Nazi, hatemongering, monster while simultaneously coming up with every excuse in the book to avoid taking action against terrorists who spend their nights dreaming about making mushroom clouds appear over New York & LA.

Show these people a video of George Bush doing or saying just about anything and they’ll get so angry that they’ll practically froth at the mouth. Then show them a video of Al-Qaeda sawing Danny Pearl’s head off or talking about how they want to kill millions of Americans and the same people will give a bloodless condemnation and segue into an attack on Bush, Republicans, or America itself.

For the most part, liberals have been worse than dead weight in the war on terrorism. In their zeal to attack Bush and other Republicans, they’ve gotten so carried away that they’ve in effect turned into a giant PR agency for America’s enemies, including Al-Qaeda.

I’m sure that’ll make a lot of left-wingers out there indignant, but when you oppose every measure designed to defeat terrorism, minimize American successes in the war terrorism, grossly overplay mistakes, attempt to undermine the war, and claim the President is a Nazi who’s crusading for oil, you’re making it easier for terrorists to put Americans in body-bags.

Too bad stopping the terrorists who live to murder Americans seems to be much less important than making political gains to much of the left today…

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