If The Israelis Really Wanted Peace, They’d All Commit Suicide

Here’s Allah imagining what Thomas Friedman’s newest peace plan for the Middle-East will look like,

“…(T)here are only two possible solutions. Solution one: The Arab world could recognize Israel’s right to exist, offer it full diplomatic relations and normalized trade, and then make a concerted effort to decontaminate its population of anti-Semitism through a combination of political, educational, and religious reform. In return, it would realize the untapped potential of its female citizens, witness an economic and industrial boom the likes of which it can scarcely imagine, and eliminate the deep suspicion with which the other 3.7 billion people on earth presently regard Islam. Unfortunately, this solution requires a modicum of simple, human decency.

Solution 2, then: Israelis could volantarily walk, en masse, into the Mediterranean Sea. Arabs would then fulfill one of their greatest dreams — the destruction of the Jewish State and its replacement with a Palestinian one — without the need for militants to forcibly depopulate the land with weapons of mass destruction. Israelis, meanwhile, would go down in history as willing martyrs to the cause of peace, a modern day Mosada the final chapter in their magnificent legacy. I envision Ariel Sharon walking into the surf and heroically giving the thumbs-up sign as the water rises above his head, like the Terminator did at the end of “T2”.

Laugh now, but we’re already seeing more and more lefties calling for the Palestinians and Israelis to occupy a single state, which is really just a roundabout way of calling for genocide. The Israelis could no more survive as a nation after being demographically overwhelmed by terror worshipping, anti-semitic Palestinians than the US could after absorbing 300 million Taliban fanatics. But then the safety and survival of Israelis isn’t exactly a priority for most of the anti-Israel lefties out there is it?

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