If The Left Treated The Nazi Party Like MEChA

I’ve been chagrined by all the Democrats winking at Cruz Bustamante’s refusal to cut his ties to MEChA, a group that often uses the slogan, “For the race everything. For those outside the race, nothing” and that wants to reclaim the Southwestern United States for Mexico.

But no matter how loathsome the group is, many left-wingers are willing to happily hold their nose and make excuses for them if that’s what it takes to put a Democrat into office. That makes me wonder — how far is the left willing to go to get “their guy” into office? Would ANYBODY do as long as they have a chance to beat the GOP?

Nazi 4 Gov!: Hello everybody!

Liberal 1: Hey, you’re a Nazi! Boo! Hiss!
Liberal 2: BOOOOOOO!
Liberal 3: Nazis SUCK!

Nazi 4 Gov!: Wait a second, I think you have the wrong idea about us Nazis…

Liberal 1: Hmmmm, well I thought you were evil monsters who hated everyone who isn’t an Aryan like you, especially Jews….

Nazi 4 Gov!: We are, but did you know that we also encourage kids to get a college education?

Liberal 1: A college education?
Liberal 2: Well, education is a good thing….
Liberal 3: I don’t know, supporting education doesn’t quite make up for the death camps…

Nazi 4 Gov!: What if I told you that we supported education for minorities, higher taxes, and that we’re all against Bush’s filthy war!!!

Liberal 1: Boy, this is a tough one.
Liberal 2: On the one hand you want to kill all minorities, but you want to educate them too. So it’s sort of a mixed bag…
Liberal 3: What’s your stand on abortion?

Nazi 4 Gov!: Nazis LOVE abortion! It reminds us of the camps back in the good old….ehr, back in the days of war that we hope to never see again!

Liberal 3: Well, you don’t sound all bad, but…

Nazi 4 Gov!: Did I mention that I’m running on the Democratic ticket and I’m your only chance to beat the Republicans?

Liberal 1: Our only chance?
Liberal 3: Hmmmm, a Republican or an unreconstructed Nazi, tough choice.
Liberal 2: Oh what the heck, Go NAZIS!
Liberal 1, 2, & 3: Nazis, Nazis, Nazis!!!

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