If We Build It, They Won’t Come Or Alternately, Yes, The Fence Works

The fence we’re building on our Southern border is not intended to be a cure-all for our illegal alien woes. To the contrary, it’s supposed to act as a force multiplier for the border patrol.

In other words, the fence will make our border extremely difficult to cross in certain places that are now high traffic zones. That will free up manpower for us while simultaneously funnelling the illegals into smaller areas that are harder from them cross.

Although the Bush administration has been dragging their feet on building the fence, the early evidence seems to indicate that it is working exactly as it is supposed to where they’ve already built it.

From the Houston Chronicle,

PALOMAS, MEXICO — At this fabled border crossing, where the last armed conflict between the United States and Mexico flared, the rancorous debate over the new U.S. anti-immigrant fence has been resolved.

The fence works, residents north and south of it say. At least it works for now on this snippet of the line.

“You hear it all the time: Fences don’t work. Fences don’t work,” said Mark Winder, a transplanted New Englander and part-time deputy sheriff who lives on a small ranch outside Columbus, N.M., where a 3-mile stretch of wall was completed in August. “I live 2:½ miles from the border, and the fence is working.”

Many merchants agree in Palomas, once a sleepy farm town, now a booming haven for smugglers.

“The fence has destroyed the economy here,” said Fabiola Cuellar, a hardware-store clerk on the main street of Palomas who used to sell supplies to the throngs heading north from here. “Things are going back to the way they were before.”

Of course, with only about one-fifth of the fence complete, migrants from Mexico and other countries who had planned to cross the border illegally in places such as Palomas-Columbus can simply go elsewhere.

…The Border Patrol made about 36,000 apprehensions in New Mexico in the first 10 months of fiscal 2007, which ended Sept. 30. That’s a huge drop from fiscal 2006, when nearly 74,000 illegal crossers were caught on the state’s border, according to government records.

…A recent transplant from Erie, Pa., (Lee) Robinson is a Minuteman, one of the volunteers who flocked to the border several years ago determined to stop illegal immigration. After a stint in Arizona, Robinson followed the migrant flow east to Columbus. Now, he’s contending with getting what he wished for.

“That fence, I love it,” Robinson said one recent afternoon after finishing a detailed explanation of the raid for a father and son visiting from Ohio.

But Robinson quickly added that “being a Minuteman in New Mexico is getting pretty boring.”

“There’s no illegals here to be found,” he said, wistfully.

It’s ironic that this is taking place in New Mexico because Bill Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico who’s angling to be Hillary’s veep, once said that, “If you have a 10-foot-wall, which is what it is, you know what’s going to happen? Eleven-foot ladders.”

Guess what, Bill? You and the rest of the amnesty and open borders crowd are wrong. We can turn the flood of illegals coming across our Southern border into a trickle and what we’re seeing with this small section of fence in New Mexico proves it.

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