If You Really Care About Israel, You Should Be Voting Republican

As I’ve pointed out on RWN, Jews in the US vote for Democrats over Republicans roughly 2-1. Now of course, if you’re Jewish and liberal, and the war on terrorism and the fate of Israel don’t matter that much to you, it makes perfect sense to be voting for the Dems.

On the other hand, if you’re Jewish and the fate of Israel is something that is near and dear to your heart or at least a big enough factor to swing you to one party or the other, then you are CRAZY if you’re giving your vote and your campaign contributions to the Democrats.

Without question, George Bush has been the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House. While I’ll grant you that his policies haven’t been perfect (as I’ve pointed out many times here on RWN), he has strongly supported Israel. He has sidelined Arafat, openly said he won’t allow Israel to be crushed, has cut off funding to the Palestinian terrorist groups, and while he has pushed for futile peace agreements, he has also made it clear that he strongly supports Israel’s right to self defense against terrorists. Furthermore, the support for Israel is very, very, strong in the Republican party which is quite notable since the GOP does not get the Jewish vote and quite frankly does not expect to.

But what about the Democrats? Well let’s look at the front runner, the Dems golden boy, Howard Dean. Recently he said we shouldn’t “take sides” in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. So on the one hand, we have a friendly, pro-American democracy that’s happy to help out in the war on terrorism and on the other hand, we have an anti-American dictatorship run by the foremost terrorist on the planet, that had celebrations in the street on 9/11, that teems with terrorist groups, and Howard Dean thinks we should be neutral between them?

Dean also called members of terrorist group Hamas, a group that has killed Americans by the way, “soldiers”. So I guess Dean equates the Israeli soldiers who are trying to stop terrorism with murderous thugs who believe in blowing themselves up on school buses full of women and children.

Then we have Dean’s promise to bring this man back to try to negotiate peace in the Middle-East…

I’m not sure if that’s a promise or a threat given that Clinton accomplished exactly nothing in 8 years except Oslo which was a disaster for Israel and the current Intifada which started on Clinton’s watch.

Of course, you never really know what a President will do until he gets into office, but Israelis and people who truly care about the survival of Israel should be TERRIFIED of a Dean Presidency. Israel is an incredibly strong, resilient, and vibrant country — but they’re also small and surrounded by enemies. You have to ask yourself — what would Israel’s future look like if they could no longer count on the US? Unfortunately, if Dean were to get into office, the Israelis might get to find out.

Whether Dean gets the nomination or not, there’s no question that the Democrats can no longer be counted to stick by Israel. After all, if Dean can give every indication of being hostile to Israel while not being the least bit serious about the war on terrorism and can still be considered the leader of the pack, there’s no reason to believe another Democrat is going to be much better. Even Lieberman may bend over so far backwards to prove that he’s not giving Israel favorable treatment, that Israel may still be in danger. So if you sincerely care about Israel’s survival, how can you in good conscience support the Dems in 2004?

Thanks to Josh from Jawsblog for finding that picture for me at the BBC.

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