If You’ve Been Reading Right Wing News, You’ve Expected This

Rudy Giuliani’s approval on October 19, 2007 per Rasmussen: 24%

“Additionally, I expect Rudy’s numbers to dip a bit starting in December as some of his conservative backers get buyer’s remorse).” — RWN, Oct 19, 2007

Rudy’s approval on October 21, 2007 per Rasmussen: 24%

“If I’m right, Rudy will probably start to deflate in December.” — RWN, Oct 21, 2007

Rudy’s approval on Nov 7, 2007 per Rasmussen: 24%
Rudy’s approval on Nov 21, 2007 per Rasmussen: 24%
Rudy’s approval on Dec 4, 2007 per Rasmussen: 18%

Now that we’re within a month of the election, Republicans are starting to take a harder look at the candidates and Rudy isn’t baring up well under closer scrutiny. This is extremely problematic for Rudy because he has been counting on his high national poll numbers to give him a big edge on Super Tuesday. Without that advantage, he’s much less likely to capture the nomination.

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