Ignored Iraq News

While I certainly appreciate Reuters writing these two stories, I wonder why they did not get wider play in the Credentialed Media. First, from July 12th

Iraq’s combat troops will be almost fully formed by the middle of 2009, according to the senior U.S. Army officer who led the training of Iraqi security forces.

On to July 16

Iraq hopes to have security control of all its provinces by the year-end, the national security adviser said on Wednesday, underscoring the government’s growing confidence in its own forces.

I wonder if the paper of record could step up and tell us these kinds of things, along with the rest of the CM’s. They have done all they can to force a surrender in Iraq, along with their little helpers in the left-o-sphere and, oh yes, the treason lobby in Congress. Now that things are coming to fruition – and, remind me, which presidential candidate wants to just surrender, and which one has been pushing for a complete win? – most of the Credentialed Media has ignored Iraq.

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