I’ll Laugh My *ss Off For Everyone Of Them That Comes Home In A Black Bag

I’ll Laugh My *ss Off For Everyone Of Them That Comes Home In A Black Bag: Last night as we were launching missiles at “targets of opportunity”, most people were probably wondering about whether we got Hussein or one of his kids. But me? I was wondering what sort of idiotic comments the anarchists at Raise The Fist! would make on the eve of war. Well, I took the time to find out and it wasn’t pretty. Here are some of the more repulsive posts ran across….

Tapeworm: That simply furthers my hatred for the US military. The only soldiers I feel sympathy for is a soldier who is drafted or a soldier who actually fights for a just cause. Someone who readily enlist is saying they know they can die. So f*ck the troops. F*ck them to hell. I’ll laugh my *ss off for everyone of them that comes home in a black bag. May the US and Iraqi military destroy eachother. It only saddens me that civilians have to get caught in this. F*ck the troops.

C*HE: now its 20:01 im sitting in my room in israel and those f*ckers on cnn are saying that we are hours from the american attack on iraq if america attacks iraq iraq will attack israel with cemical weapons and alot of people can die in israel and iraq i mean civilians and american troops and for what OIL so if im not dead in a feiu houers you can chek on me on my icq 170863***! p.s MR.BUSH you stupid motherf*cker you *sslicking c*ck sucking *sswhole you hillbilly f*ck i want to kill you i will get a barret anti tank sniper rifle and blow your stupid head off at first i wanted to blow your brains owt but i didnt find any!!!!!!!

anonymous: I think its time all the american people starting getting organized. Instead of all these protests and brakeaway marches and talks of actions, its time we need to take action. A peoples army needs to be organized, a revolution needs to take place, we cant let our government rape our country any longer. I’m sick of the lies, the greed, the censorship, the wars, the propoganda.

With the coming of the Iraq war its time the peoples army opens a new front, the first war on american soil since the civil war. We cant let this go on for longer, bush must be removed from power, the government must be destroyed. its time for the people to wake up and see whats goin on, and its time to organize. We can come together as one, we are and always will be better than our government, and would could outsmart and outgun it any day. Its time to Unite. Its time to end the corruption.

Hmmm: I actually feel really bad for American soldiers in Iraq. I feel bad for their ignorance and stupidity for joining the military in the first place. They are blinded. It is not their fault that they are so brainwashed. So actually, what do I care if they all get blown up by Iraquis? It’s just less jarheads in the world…less stupidity in the gene pool. Obviously I don’t want anyone to die, but if anyone does die over there, I will not mourn.

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