Illegal Alien Rally Pics

Yesterday, the much heralded “day without an (illegal) immigrant” rallies occurred and about the only purpose it served was to remind people why we don’t want a bunch of uninvited illegals, rallying in the streets, yelling slogans in Spanish, waving foreign flags, assaulting the police, and demanding the right to break the law with impunity. If only the “day without an (illegal) immigrant” actually featured a “day without an (illegal) immigrant.”

In any case, here are some of the pictures from the illegal alien rallies. As you look at them, ask yourself if you really think these illegal aliens should be rewarded by being able to participate in a guest worker program or worse yet, by being allowed to become citizens of the United States.

From Yahoo at the San Ysidro, Calif rally.

From Roger Simon at the LA rally.

From Moxie at the LA rally.

From Freeman Hunt at the Springdale, Arkansas rally.

From Free Republic at the Tucson rally.

A “day without an (illegal) immigrant?” If we went the next hundred years in this country without seeing another illegal immigrant, America would be much better off for it.

*** Update #1 ***: Here are more pics from Michelle Malkin, On the Fence Films, Public Figures… Beware, & Creative Flashes.

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