Illegal Aliens Sexually Harass Little Girls

One drawback to allowing ourselves to be colonized by an invading army of the Third World’s dregs is that little girls can’t even walk to school without being harassed by savages. From Hayward, Mexifornia:

Walking to and from school has been a nightmare for Amoni Packnett, an eighth-grader at Cesar Chavez Middle School.

The 13-year-old and other girls are the target of daily whistles and hard stares from day laborers [i.e., illegal aliens], who often also stalk the girls, along Tennyson Road in south Hayward.

“It can get uncomfortable, and I feel violated,” Packnett said. “We just want something to be done to prevent this from happening again.”

Parent Jonathan Hopkins confirms:

It is brutal. The verbal abuse is loud and constant.

Not to worry, something is being done. Will these criminals be arrested, or sent packing to their own countries? Get serious. But there are plans to offer them sensitivity training.

Before long, one of the adolescent girls they harass will be raped and maybe murdered. That will be the signal for any remaining Gringos in Hayward to retreat into the Heartland. Demographic trends indicate that soon there will be nowhere left to retreat to. Then we won’t exist anymore.

“Hey little girl…”

Hat tip: Knowledge Is Power; on a tip from V the K. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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