Illegals Doing The Jobs Mexicans Won’t Do?

You know how open borders advocates are always claiming that Mexicans are doing jobs that Americans won’t do? Well, according to the New York Times, there are so many Mexicans pouring into the US, that illegal immigrants are now going into Mexico to do the jobs that Mexicans won’t do:

“Here at Mexico’s own southern edge, Guatemalans cross legally and illegally to do jobs that Mexicans departing for the north no longer want. And hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from nearly two dozen other countries, including China, Ecuador, Cuba and Somalia, pass through on their way to the United States.

… If the major characters in the migration drama unfolding in Chiapas could be captured in a collage, it would include a burly, white-haired farmer named Eusebio Ortega Contreras, who did not hide that most of the workers who picked mangos in his fields for $6 a day were underage, undocumented Guatemalans. Indians from Chiapas used to do these jobs, Mr. Ortega said. But in the past five years, they have been migrating to the United States. And lately, he said, he has begun to worry that he is going to lose the Guatemalans, too.

“We know that the conditions we provide our workers are not adequate,” said Mr. Ortega, president of the local fruit growers’ association, who showed a reporter the meager shelter he can offer: an awning off a hay shed for a roof and lined-up milk crates for beds. “But costs are going up. Production is going down. We barely earn enough money to maintain our orchards, much less improve conditions for the workers.”

Good grief, how bad off do you have to be to emigrate to Mexico so you can make those $6 a day wages and sleep on milk crates?

But wait, it gets worse:

…Migrants are also routinely detained by machete-wielding farmers, who extort their money by threatening to turn them over to the police. So many female migrants have been raped or coerced into sex, the authorities said, that some begin taking birth control pills a few months before embarking on the journey north.

Imagine being willing to risk rape to get into a country where you can make $6 a day wages and sleep on milk crates…I told you it got worse.

But of course, even most Mexicans don’t want to live in Mexico. So, you have to suspect that a lot of Mexico’s illegals are hoping to make it into America. On that front, because of the corruption and incompetence in Mexico, very little is being done to stop the flow of illegals heading up to our Southern Border:

George Grayson, an expert on Mexico at the College of William and Mary who has made several research trips to Mexico’s southern border, said little had come of those efforts. He described this border as an “open sesame for illegal migrants, drug traffickers, exotic animals and Mayan artifacts.”

…Mexican migration officials acknowledged that they had fewer than 450 agents patrolling the five states along this frontier, which has some 200 official and unofficial crossing points.

….The Rev. Ademar Barilli, a human rights advocate who, with the support of the Roman Catholic Church, runs a shelter for migrants in Tecún Umán, a Guatemalan border city, said that unlike crossing patterns at the northern border, migrants here did not typically go far into remote areas, hoping to avoid the authorities. Instead, he said, the migrants try to bribe their way through.

“A migrant with money can make it across Mexico with no problems,” Father Barilli said. “A migrant with no money gets nowhere.”

That’s encouraging, isn’t it? Are you a serial rapist? A drug runner? A terrorist? Bring a few bucks to bribe the corrupt Mexican police and then you can make a run for the American border where only undermanned border patrol and a bunch of National Guardsman who aren’t allowed to arrest you stand in the way.

Can we seal the border faster please?

Hat tip to Right Thinking Girl for the story.

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