Illegals Insult The American Flag Again

Kevin from Eckernet attended the illegal immigration rally in Minnesota yesterday and has lots of pics.

Here are a couple that stood out:

Guatemala’s flag hoisted above the US flag

Ecuador’s flag flies over the US flag. It was at this point I think someone realized I wasn’t a “friendly” and tried to knock my camera from my hands

It’s amazing, isn’t it? You have illegal aliens marching in our streets, demanding things they have no right whatsoever to ask for, while they’re insulting our nation by flying the flag of the country they left above our flag. The sheer gall of these illegal aliens is just beyond belief.

*** Update #1 ***: From the Dallas illegal alien rally via Michelle Malkin:

So, John McCain, Mike DeWine, Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter, Sam Brownback, George Bush, & Bill Frist..

Can you explain to us again why in the world we’d want to put the sort of person who was carrying this sign on the “path to citizenship?”

Also, could you explain again why we’re better off having this person here in a guest worker program than a decent person who respected our laws enough to wait in line to enter this country legally?

Heck, if you’re really in a generous mood, you could explain to us why we should believe there will be a security crackdown on illegals later, after the amnesty and guest worker programs are pushed through, when tens of thousands and in some cases, even hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens can gather in our streets, apparently without the slightest fear of being deported?

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