I’m Not On The Condi For VP Bandwagon

There are a lot of conservatives in the blogosphere who get all jazzed up about the idea of dumping Dick Cheney and adding Condi Rice to the ticket in his place. There now is even a Bush/Rice 04 website promoting the idea.

It is of course easy to see why this idea has gained traction. Condi comes across as brilliant and hawkish on foreign policy, she’s a black woman which many people believe would help the GOP with blacks & women, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes.

Now I hate to be a party pooper, but I don’t think we know enough about Condi to start talking her up for the VP slot. While I fully approve of Condi’s foreign policy stands, that doesn’t mean she’s another Margaret Thatcher. As a matter of fact, given that we know practically nothing about Condi’s domestic views other than the fact that she’s pro-abortion and pro-Affirmative Action. So it’s entirely possible that Condi has more in common with Orrin Hatch or Arnold Schwarzenegger than Ronald Reagan or Tom Delay.

Then there’s the fact that Condi has never been elected to office. Some people may think that’s unimportant, but I disagree. To be a successful politician you have to be one part weasel, one part social butterfly, and one part piranha. Can Condi do that? Can she appeal to moderates the same way she does to the right? Can she deal with a scandal? Would she lose her cool if for example the media started trying to paint her as a lesbian or weird, old spinster because she’s not married yet? To be honest, we have no idea whether Condi could hold up under the constant barrage someone at the VP level has to endure because Condi hasn’t truly been tested yet.

To sum it all up, Condi has a lot of potential. But before we slide her into Dick Cheney’s slot and pencil her in to take on Hillary in 2008, Condi needs to show her conservative credentials and prove she can win an election. Until she can do that, I couldn’t support her for the VP position.

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