I’m not saying, I’m just saying

The headline reads:

Bloggers enraged over “pretty face” fakery – Yahoo! News

What does the story have to do with bloggers? Not a darned thing!

Bloggers were up in arms on Wednesday over China’s decision at the Olympic opening ceremony to have a pretty little girl lip-synching for the real singer who had crooked teeth.

Many said they felt cheated because one of the most touching moments of the critically acclaimed ceremony was not the real deal.

“Frankly, I think that’s disgusting. Honestly, they’re seven and nine years old! So young!” one New York teenage girl wrote angrily in her blog.

Pay no attention!

And so on. So what’s going on here?

It looks as if Reuters doesn’t want to get China angry, so it’s not writing the story the bloggers are writing. It’s merely writing a story about… what bloggers are writing. Hey, they’re writing about the “pretty face” thing! Those wacky bloggers!

How well is that going to work? Talk about lip-synching!

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