IMAO Public Service Announcement: Look Out for Barack Obama Identity Theft — Satire By Frank J.

Since Barack Obama had his passport data illegally accessed, he is at risk for identity theft. If someone purchases something from you with a credit card and claims to be Barack Obama, it would be a good idea to do some extra checks on his identity by asking a few more questions to confirm he is who he says he is:

QUESTION #1: What is your middle name?

CORRECT ANSWER: “It’s racist to even bring that up.”

QUESTION #2: How would you describe your grandma?

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CORRECT ANSWER: “Typical white person.”

QUESTION #3: If you found out someone is a hateful bigot, how quickly should you cut ties with him?

CORRECT ANSWER: “Within twenty years.”

QUESTION #4: I will say a series of words, and I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind with each. [Say five random words, waiting for a response for each.]

CORRECT ANSWER: He should answer “hope” or “change” no matter what the words.

Next, ask him a series of questions about foreign affairs. If he’s the real Barack Obama, he should have no idea what you’re talking about.

Also, make sure he is not wearing a flag pin, as that would immediately identify an impostor.

This satire was used with the permission of IMAO.

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