In Britain, The Criminal Sues The Victim

In Britain, The Criminal Sues The Victim: I think some of the Brit politicians are a bit confused about law. See, when they call it a “criminal justice system”, that doesn’t mean that it’s primarily designed to get justice for the criminals. Read this story from The Sun and you’ll see what I mean…

“FURY erupted last night after David Blunkett’s lawyers said burglars need protection from householders.

They insist villains deserve to be treated like any member of the public – and MUST be able to sue homeowners who attack them during a break-in.

…Mr Blunkett last night insisted he had nothing to do with the ruling.

His aides refused to condemn it – confirming that criminals are entitled to rights.

But Shadow Home Secretary Oliver Letwin said…”The world has clearly gone mad. Why on earth should I be able to sue for things that happen while I am in the process of burgling?”

Leaked papers show they (Home Office lawyers) believe burglars should be guaranteed protection from homeowners who try to protect their properties.

The document says: “It cannot possibly be suggested that members of the public cease to be members of the public whilst committing criminal offences.”

This is simply bizarre! I cannot imagine how anyone could vote for politicians who think this way. As far as I’m concerned, if you break into someone’s home, you’re taking your life into your own hands. I don’t care if you’re armed or unarmed, how old you are, or whether you’re a choir boy when you’re not breaking into houses, if you get caught in the act the homeowner has every right to shoot first (or stab them with a steak knife if you’re a gunless Brit) and ask questions later. As a matter of fact, if you shoot a burglar who breaks into your house, I think you deserve an “attaboy”, not to be harassed by a bunch of politicians who seem hell-bent on making it easier for criminals to victimize law abiding citizens.

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