IndyMedia Roots On The Terrorists

IndyMedia Roots On The Terrorists: Here are some comments from the lefties posting at Indymedia on the suicide bomber attack last night in Israel aimed at an
American expat bar…

Death to Israel: (from a Post titled — ZIONAZIS GET BOMBED) “Zionazi Israel get what it deserves.”

Angel: “Let us Draw the Lines of the Palestinian State now, not in five years when more land may be confiscated and the settlements have grown larger, and it may be too late. Since the intifada started till mid April 2003: 724 Israelis were killed (This includes innocent children). 2382 Palestinians were killed (This includes innocent children). Who has SLAUGHTERED THE MOST INNOCENT PEOPLE??…”

Brian: “I am one of those who uses the term ‘zionazi’.

I propose to stop using this term, and to replace it with ‘evil racist zionist c*nt’ in all future comments.

I will, however, continue to refer to Perle, Wolfowitz and the rest of Israels fifth column in the US as ‘AmeriZionists’.

Having said that, the original post fills me with disgust – to crow over the death of innocent civilians is abhorrent. Now if the dead had been settlers in occupied territory, it would be acceptable. But attacks within the pre-1967 borders are to be condemned, since they are neither justified nor helpful.”

outside the whale: “The Nazis ain’t got nothing on those genocidist Israelis. The difference between The Nazis and the Israelis is like the difference between Little Bo Peep and Jack the Ripper.”

That’s a nice crowd over at IndyMedia huh?

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for finding this thread and because LGF’s readers actually inserted a little sanity into the thread. It was much needed…

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