Introducing The Star System + A Forum Promo

One of the features that was added on RWN in the last redesign was a rating system for posts.

I’m writing this post because currently, less than 1% of RWN’s readers are actually rating posts. I’d love to see that number go up for 2 reasons:

#1) The number of people who rate articles helps give me an idea of how eye catching the title and topic of the post was.

#2) The more ratings posts get, the more accurate the rating is, and the more easily I can focus on certain topics.

For example, if posts on global warming get a lot of high ratings, while posts about bumblebee mating habits only get a few low ratings, it gives me a better idea of the sort of posts you want to see on RWN.

PS: RWN’s forum now has a 168 members. I’d love to see it get all the way to 200 members by the close of the week. Once we get a few more members, the conversation will really take off…

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