Invasion Of The Raccoons

Jonah Goldberg over at the The Corner points out that Washington State is being overrun with murderous raccoons.

“Raccoons have killed about 10 cats in a three-block area near the Garfield Nature Trail at Harrison Avenue West and Foote Street Southwest.

Problem wildlife coordinator Sean Carrell of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife called the situation “bizarre, weird.”

“I’ve never heard a report of 10 cats being killed. It’s something we’re going to have to monitor,” he said. He added that they may have to bring in trappers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The problem got so bad that residents Kari Hall and Tamara Keeton even started a Raccoon Watch after having an emotional neighborhood meeting attended by about 40 people.

“It was a place for people to mourn and cry,” Hall said.

At the meeting, they encouraged people to stop feeding the raccoons. They also decided to keep their pets and pet food inside. And they decided to carry pepper spray to drive off raccoons that attack again.

Keeton and Pam Corwin have decided to have “cat coops” built so their pets can go outside and have some room to roam, with protection.

It’s not just cats being attacked. Five raccoons actually ganged up on and carried off a little dog, who survived.”

If they were only killing lower lifeforms, like cats, you might be inclined not to take the whole thing all that seriously. But, the moment those shifty eyed vermin started targeting dogs, they went too far and that should have meant that the time for “mourning,” “pepper spray,” and “cat coops” was over. Yes, the very moment that they carried off the first dog was the moment that they signed on for a one way ticket to raccoon hell!

Ok…Ok, I’m kidding — a little. Even cats deserve to be defended from raccoons. But geeze, don’t these weenies in Washington have any Southern relatives? You don’t need trappers. You need some good old boys from down South, who consider hunting raccoons to be a pleasant way to spend a Saturday night. That would put an end to their raccoon problem in short order — and, one way or another — they really do need to kill these animals.

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